Thursday, January 12, 2012

Helpful Principles

     As mentioned in my last post, this winter break I've been reading a book entitled, "God's Need and God's Goal." With only one more day of reading left, I have to say that I have been so encouraged and helped through this book. It addresses many common questions and experiences we may encounter throughout our Christian lives. Some highlights included a number of principles and points that were mentioned throughout the book.

The first one is...
"God supplies us according to our need." 

     This one literally blew me away! It made me consider how naturally, I don't want to need anything or anyone, but would rather be independent and self-reliant. But how is God suppose to supply someone who believes that they need nothing? He can't! This made me realize that needing much isn't necessarily a bad thing. According to this principle, one who needs much is able to be supplied much.

To come to the Lord empty handed allows Him to supply us with Himself.

The second one is...

"Any lack that we may feel speaks of a corresponding need of God."

     This, again, was revolutionary to me! Though we may not like to think that we need much, in actuality, we need a LOT! But this is just a picture of God's great desire to fulfill all that we lack or need. It's not unheard of to hear that man needs salvation or that man needs faith, power, grace and so on. But according to this principle, this need in man reflects a need in God! Have you every considered that God's salvation needs man!? Or that God's faith, power and grace needs man to be manifested and expressed through? This was so enjoyable to see! God really does need man!

Any lack we may feel is a reflection of God's desire to fill that lack with Himself!

Another principle is... 

"Behind everything that is visible and physical, there is something that is invisible and spiritual."

     This principle was presented in the chapter concerning the spiritual significance of a new year.  This principle is truly impressive because it shows that the reality of man does not merely depend on the visible and tangible, but actually on what is invisible and intangible. So in relation to the visible and physical cycles of days, months and years, there is a invisible and spiritual reality. This reality is that God has prepared and established numerous opportunities! If we have a disappointment or failure one day, there is a new day waiting for us right around the corner.

"It is truly wonderful that we have a new opportunity every 24-hours"

... this will be continued on a following post... too much enjoyment to fit in one post! :)


  1. this was such a great book! It was great to see that our God has a need! one thing i found eye opening was that we have a need because we are poor and we have a lack, but God's need is related to him being able to give us something because he is SO RICH. his need is just to give us himself.

    all we have to do is "come, for all things are now ready."

    good book, good book. good break =)

  2. Wow! Yes that's a really awesome point! Both man and God have a need. While man's need is related to his lack, God's need is related to His abundant riches that He desires man to partake of! We just need to come! :)

  3. Danielle, thanks for posting these. Last week we were in Santa Barbara for gospel and BfA on campus. During our morning team meetings we read some excerpts from this book because one team member had been reading it and recommended it. Luke 14 touched me: following "Come, for all things are now ready" is the declaration of God's need in verse 23, "the master said to the slave, Go out into the roads and hedges and compel them to come in, so that my house may be filled." God wants His house to be filled with people enjoying His feast!