Sunday, June 10, 2012

Puerto Rico - La Isla del Encanto: People


So I've described some of the beautiful places I saw and yummy food I ate while in Puerto Rico in the last two posts. Now, I've saved the best for last!

 The most enjoyable part about my trip to Puerto Rico was hands down the people I met and got to spend time with during my trip!

During my time in Puerto Rico I met a lot of awesome believers. Like this blogger (who also went on this trip) put so well, whenever we were together the atmosphere was just filled with love and joy!

"We know that we have passed out of death 
into life because we love the brothers." 
- 1 John 3:14


Like 1 John 3:14 shows, when we meet other believers who have received the Lord as their Savior and life, there is something within us that can't help but love them! Regardless of where they are on the earth or what kind of culture they grew up in, we all share a common life, God's life!

This was most definitely the case with the other Christians in Puerto Rico! It was such a loving impression to be so warmly received into their homes where we stayed during our trip. And when we had a time to fellowship with the students in the Christians on Campus clubs on different university campuses in Puerto Rico, it was such an encouragement to hear how they were enjoying and pursuing Christ in the same way we were in Austin.

The believers in Puerto Rico have found a place on my heart. Though I saw some amazing sites and ate some delicious food, the part of Puerto Rico that will continue to bring me fond and joyful memories are the precious believers I met and found to be my family away from home. The believers all over the world truly are the excellent ones on the earth.

"As for the saints who are on the earth, 
they are the excellent; 
All my delight is in them." 
- Psalm 16:3

Photo Credit: [P. Limanjaya, J. Hernandez, L. Dean, E. Roman]