Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Your need vs. God's need

"Come, for all things are now ready." - Luke 14:17

It is easy to admit that people have a lot of needs. But have you ever considered, what does God need?

We definitely could say that we have lots of needs, but so does God!

Over the winter break, I've been reading a short book entitled, "God's Need and God's Goal" by Witness Lee. Only after three and half chapters, this book has been immensely enlightening and enjoyable.

This verse, mentioned above, is a declaration of God saying that everything is ready and a call for us to come. In order to understand this, we firstly must see God's need and realize that it is greater than man's need as portrayed numerous times in the Bible.

One example is in Luke 15 with the prodigal son who left his father's house and squandered his living. There are two needs in this story, the son's and the father's. The son had worn garments, was hungry, thirsty, and filthy. The father had prepared the best robe, a ring, sandals and a feast for his son. Although the son needed the things prepared for him by his father, the father needed his son to partake of the things he prepared even more so.

Something that really touched me was that when the prodigal son returned home, there was a robe, prepared by the father, waiting for him. The son wasn't waiting for the robe or even expecting it, but robe was waiting for the son. Likewise, God has prepared everything for us and like the father, needs man to partake of all that He has accomplished and prepared for us.

So what does this mean? God needs man!


  1. I really like the Luke 15 example. It's so awesome to see new things in a story you've heard so many times before.

  2. Very true! :) It seems like every time there's always something fresh and new to enjoy in the Bible :)